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Service and Repair

We service all bicycles! Our standard repair service offers flat rates for many common issues from fixing flats, diagnosing the origin of strange noises, to scheduled maintenance. Most importantly, we will work on any bicycle regardless of brand or where you purchased your bike. We are also an authorized Service Center for Rad Power Bikes, Aventon, Lectric, Electric Bike Co, Diamondback, Hurley, Super73, and More!


We can help you with common eBike repair needs such as powering on problems, charging issues, broken wires and lost keys. All eBikes purchased at our store include six months of free brake adjustment from the date of purchase.

Tune-Up -  suggested 1 to 2 times per year


Full Ebike Tune Up Package: $195

Full Conventional Bike Tune Up Package: $135

(Click for More Info About Our Full Tune Ups)

Flat Rate Labor only, all parts quoted separately:

Basket Install                                             30

Bike Build (from box)                                200

Bottom Bracket Adjustment                   40

Bottom Bracket Install                             55

Brake Adjust                                              25

Brake Install - Mechanical                       30

Brake Install - Hydraulic                          80

Brake Pad Install                                       20

Cable Install (no housing)                        20

Cable Install (w/ housing)                       30

Cassette / Freewheel / Cog Install      35

Chain Install                                               25

Chainring Installation                               30

Crankset Install                                         40

Controller Install                                       95

Derailleur Adjust                                       25

Derailleur Hanger Alignment                 25

Derailleur Install                                       40

Drivetrain Clean                                        90

Fender Install                                            35

Fork Install                                                 60

Front Wheel Install                                   25

Handlebar Install                                      20

Headset Adjust                                         20

Headset Install                                          50

Hub Adjust                                                 20

Hub Overhaul                                           50

Hydraulic Brake Bleed                            55

Kickstand Install                                       20

Rack Install                                                35

Rear Wheel Install                                    30

Rear Wheel Install - eBike                      40

Rear Tire/Tube Install                              20

Rear Tire/Tube Install - eBike                35

Rotor Install                                                25

Rotor True                                                  25

Sealed Bearing install                              35

Shifter Install (pair)                                    75

Shifter Install (single)                                40

Spoke Install (front)                                  25

Spoke Install (rear)                                   35

Front Tire Install                                        20

Wheel True                                                45

Let us help you customize your ride. Upgrades to eBikes include brakes, drive train, gearing, motors, batteries, or any accessories such as racks, baskets, child seats, handlebars, saddles, and more!


Tyler, Dec 2021

Nice folks and great service, appreciate that they service all brands and not just what they sell, way ahead of the competition!

Samantha, Jan 2022

Loving my folding eBike from Third Rail! This shop was extremely helpful in explaining the ins and outs of he ebike market and helped me choose the right one for me. Customer service is A+ and have been super easy to work with

Brendan, Feb 2022

Quality neighborhood bike experience. Super friendly staff and well welcomed service. Highly would recommend this Ebike company to everybody. From families, Outdoor adventure riders, to city cruisers. A bike for every suited need.

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