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Service Packages

Tune-Up -  suggested 1-2 times per year, or every 800-1,000 miles. Whichever is first.


$135 for non-electric bicycles

$195 for electric bicycles


Tune-up includes:

  • brake alignment

  • shifting alignment

  • wheel truing

  • bearing inspection and adjustment

  • chain cleaning and lube

  • frame inspection

  • bolt inspection

  • tire inspection

  • clean up


For Electric Bikes, all the above, plus:

  • battery assessment

  • sensor check and adjustment

  • motor check-up

  • wiring inspection


Full Refresh: A deep clean for your bike:

$300 for a non-electric bicycle

$375 for an electric bicycle


We will:

  • remove all components to a bare frame

  • clean components in a bio-solvent tank

  • frame cleaning

  • re-lube all pivots, bearings, and moving parts

  • install new cables, new chain, brake pads

  • tune-up

  • adjustments after cable stretch, if required.

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