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How far does an e-bike go one charge?

There is no simple answer, but here are some guidelines that can help. The higher assist you use, the faster you’ll empty the battery and reduce your range. Using the throttle will also reduce your range, as will steep hills, more weight and headwinds. For example, riding on a flat road in low-level pedal-assist may provide a 40+ mile range while riding up a steep incline in full throttle can reduce your range to a few miles.

How fast is an e-bike?

All our e-bikes are limited to 20 mph in accordance with class 1 & 2 e-bike California state regulations. This speed limit keeps you legal while riding in bicycle lanes and is safer for the rider and pedestrians.

What’s the difference between a hub motor and mid-drive motor?

Mid-drive motors have the potential to be more efficient going uphill because they use the bicycle’s gears. A hub motor only uses its own internal gears and can’t adjust for terrain changes, although you can change gears manually.

How do I recharge the battery?

All batteries on the e-bicycle are removable, enabling you to recharge the battery using the charger with any outlet. Or, you can keep the battery on the e-bike and plug into an outlet where you store your bike. It generally takes three to four hours to fully charge.

Can I cycle without using the motor?

Absolutely, all the e-bikes can be ridden without any charge. Keep in mind e-bikes are much heavier than non-electric bikes and might be harder to pedal uphill without the juice.

Where can I legally ride my e-bike?

All our e-bikes are class 2, and in California, you’re allowed to ride them on all streets and bike lanes where bicycles are permitted. Some parks and municipalities have other rules, please check for local regulations.

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